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Q&A with Animation Supervisor Brad Schiff I have many proud moments from this film. Most of them revolve around the success of the animation team. While it seems like it's all fun and games, what we do is incredibly difficult and taxing...mentally and physically. It takes great skill, concentration and confidence to animate at this level. Witnessing the animators on this film shoot the greatest shots of their careers on ParaNorman has proven to be most rewarding to me. ...Read More »
Q&A with Visual Effects Supervisor Brian Van't Hul In Part 2 of our PARANORMAN interview series we talk with Brian Van't Hul who works at animation studio LAIKA, and was also the visual effects supervisor on the company's Oscar-nominated 2009 feature "Coraline." His previous stop-motion credits include Tim Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "James & the Giant Peach." ...Read More »
Q&A with Director of Photography Tristan Oliver A cinematographer for over 20 years, Tristan Oliver's stop-motion animation credits as cinematographer include the Academy Award-winning short films "The Wrong Trousers" and "A Close Shave," as well as the features "Chicken Run", Wes Anderson's Academy Award-nominated "Fantastic Mr. Fox," and the Academy Award-winning "Wallace & Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit." ...Read More »
Exclusive Q&A: A Conversation With Director/Animator Ian Chisholm What began six years ago as simply a "creative outlet" for filmmaker/animator Ian Chisholm, Clear Skies III, the third film in his machinima series about the space adventures of the crew aboard the battleship Clear Skies, has steadily built a huge online audience thanks to its memorable storyline and characters, and innovative use of the iPi Soft's Desktop Motion Capture system, which played an integral role in bringing Chisholm's vision to life. ...Read More »
PNY's Carl Flygare talks graphics cards at SIGGRAPH09 By John Virata Graphics cards play a central role in the creation of animation and special effects that artists see annually at the SIGGRAPH show (in New Orleans this year) and what consumers seem to desire more of in their daily exposure to digital entertainment, be it via the movies, video games, ride simulators, even TV. Over the last several years, artists have been pushing the envelope in what they can create with the tools that are available to them. ...Read More »
Graeme Nattress By Heath McKnight I've known Graeme Nattress, creator of Nattress Filters for Final Cut Pro, Color, and Motion, for a few years now. He has helped me with technical questions (he's one of the smartest people in the world when it comes to video and computer-related tech), we've had conversations about the future of digital filmmaking, and he's just an all-around great guy. ...Read More »
Yosemite National Park. . .in High Definition 3D By John Virata While 3D films have been around since at least the 1950s, the technique of creating 3D movies gets revisited quite often. Back in the mid 1990s at SIGGRAPH in New Orleans, Sony showed a 3D film at one of its after hours parties at the Aquarium, to the delight of all who were invited to screen it. At this year's NAB trade show in Las Vegas, all the major camera manufacturers were showcasing 3D displays and some had 3D camera demonstrations in their booths. ...Read More »
Star Ranger 7's four year journey By Ko Maruyama In the 23rd century, Star Rangers are the peace keepers of the galaxy. For now they are under the power, Marc Kimball and Michael Harnois. It actually started back in 2004 - a whopping 4 years ago when Marc and Michael decided that they would take on a film production - - IN ADDITION to their regular gigs. They jumped, feet first into the project, enrolling friends and several feet of greenscreen. ...Read More »
SIGGRAPH 2008: eyeon Software shows Fusion 6 By David Basulto There are many flavors of compositing tools out there. Everyone has an opinion of which is best. Some however do stand above the rest in terms of features. Eyeon's Fusion has been one of these and at SIGGRAPH the company released a new version. ...Read More »
SIGGRAPH 2008: DMN visits Frantic Films By David Basulto What a Hollywood success story Frantic Films is. From a two person effects shop in Winnipeg to one of the top houses in Los Angeles. Frantic Films has won Emmy's and worked on films such as "Swordfish" where the facility's ball bearing explosion got them noticed in a big way. ...Read More »
Scott Novasic / Super Nova Scott Novasic recently moved to Los Angeles to continue his animation and compositing career and to work on more Electric Image 3D animation. A veteran broadcast animator, Scott recently talked to Digital Media Artists / Los Angeles and is now featured on the EIAS site. ...Read More »
DMN Interview with Roger Stone, Development Director, Antics Technologies By Mike Jones Roger Stone has 25 years experience of marketing with companies in the ITC area, including 11 years with Dell Computer Corporation ending up as Director of Online Marketing for Northern Europe. For the past seven years he has been working with startup companies, both evaluating them for potential investors and helping them to grow. ...Read More »
Version2 Creates a Surreal Showpiece 2007 marks the second consecutive year that The Association of Independent Commercial Producers has invited NYC's Version2 to create packaging for their annual show, The Art & Technique of the American Commercial. This prestigious show is a one hour compendium of exceptional domestic commercials, selected for achievement in various craft categories, and produced in partnership with the Museum of Modern Art. ...Read More »
Ratha Nou of Stablished By Ko Maruyama Recently, Ra and I had been talking about his recent artwork - and he noted that CINEMA 4D had made it into his toolbox. Ratha's work is an example of just how accessible the complex 3D software is. To inspire other artists to look into the application, we put together a short Q&A... ...Read More » By David Basulto I have always been a believer that you must build a solid foundation in your craft, be it pottery, technology, or cooking, to be successful. Getting the proper education is key. Luckily for many in this world there are plenty of online learning centers to choose from. ...Read More »
NVIDIA's Quadro Plex System By David Basulto If youre involved in the world of computer graphics you will know the necessity of having a powerful graphics card. One of the companies I always look to for cutting edge gear is NVIDIA. The NVIDIA cards I have used on my machines have always been extremely stable and tremendously enhancing. ...Read More »
e-on softwares Matt Riveccie speaks on Vue By David Basulto Creating great environments with e-on softwares Vue is fast and easy to do. I should know I have been using the software now for a month and the learning curve has been great. If you ever wondered how feature films, commercials, and other mediums project magnificent vistas or fantasy-like mountains, just look to Vue. ...Read More »
Poser Goes Pro By David Basulto With more than 300,000 artists using Poser, making Poser a professional level tool was bound to happen. What was once a fun tool to do 3D figure design and animation has ventured into the pipelines of production. Poser Pro, eFrontiers newest product, promises to provide production based users a much more powerful tool to use. ...Read More »
Adobe's Michael Coleman talks After Effects By Mike Jones In Part 1 of this interview, Mike Jones speaks with Michael Coleman, Adobe's After Effects product manager, about everything After Effects CS3, including the latest features and toolset. Also discussed is Adobe' workflow, Dynamic Link, and the AutoComposer in Soundbooth. ...Read More »
DMN @ SIGGRAPH eyeons Steve Roberts on Fusion By David Basulto The year 2008 will be eyeon Softwares 20th anniversary and the company is as strong as ever. The reason? It is the maker of Fusion, an extremely powerful and high end compositing application. The list of films that features Fusion effects is like a whos who of blockbusters. ...Read More »
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