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Leveling Up: NYU Game Center Offers Masters Program By Stu Horvath Stu Horvath talks to the NYU Game Center`s director -- and Zynga co-founder -- Frank Lantz about the details of their newly announced master`s degree program. ...Read More »
Leveling Up: NYU Game Center Offers Masters Program By Stu Horvath Stu Horvath talks to the NYU Game Center`s director -- and Zynga co-founder -- Frank Lantz about the details of their newly announced master`s degree program. ...Read More »
Tools and Programs for Game Developers at SIGGRAPH 2011 By Hits Naik I`m still in awe of the leaps and bounds in the visual computing industry that I saw at SIGGRAPH this year, thanks in large part to the companies and hard-working students and professionals at the conference. ...Read More »
MAKING THE SWITCH - From Apple to Adobe via a Windows 7 PC By Jeremiah Hall I don't upgrade at the drop of a hat. I only do it when I need to. So as I was saving my pennies to purchase a new Mac Pro (the G5 getting long in the tooth), Apple dropped a bomb - Final Cut X. I was excited... until it came out. I discovered that two of the things that I do with with Final Cut Studio, namely importing Photoshop layers and the wonder that was DVD Studio Pro, were no more. ...Read More »
Thought Leaders: Steve Pitzel By Stu Horvath What`s next for digital art and game development? DIG talks to industry leader and tech evangelist Steve Pitzel to get his vision for the future. ...Read More »
AMD64 - Directly Connecting Your Imagination to Reality By Charlie Boswell Each generation of new technology assaulting the digital content creator typically comes with elaborate promises about how its going to change lives. Sometimes thats actually true -- but not always for the better. Non-linear editing systems brought the number of ?workarounds to new heights ...Read More »
This is not a 2D world By Atom Zeidler This is not a 2D world. Now there is no reason that the world of media has to be either. In recent years, producing a high quality 3D image has become easier and more affordable. Film, commercial and broadcast production houses are using 3D imaging more and more frequently to create more realistic and exciting graphics, both to entertain and to educate. ...Read More »
Adobe to Acquire Macromedia By Stephen Schleicher Yesterday, Adobe announced that it would acquire Macromedia in a stock option trade valued at around $3.4 billion. This subtle announcement may come as a shock to many users of the Macromedia products, and it will have a huge impact in the web development and content creation worlds. ...Read More »
Beginners Guide to NAB By Ko Maruyama If you're planning to attend the National Association of Broadcasters Convention in a couple of weeks, you've probably already signed up and are beginning to receive emails and notices daily. The emails probably have all kinds of information regarding the various conferences that will be held, some on satellite technology, others on HD delivery specifications. But you probably haven't received any notices from NAB to wear comfortable shoes. ...Read More »
Anark Studio 3.0 By Ko Maruyama In what can only be described as a Mac author's recurring nightmare, Anark has announced that their Anark Studio product will only be available for Mac when "conditions are right." The chicken/egg conundrum that has made software solutions for content authoring on a Mac slim, continues. Anark finally delivers a mature application that looks great, but for its PC users only. ...Read More »
50 More Things I Learned By Charlie White Last year on Digital Media Net you might have seen an editorial entitled "50 Things I Learned." Due to popular demand and after much thought and deliberation, here is the second list of 50 concepts, truisms, old sayings, half-truths and simple opinions I've picked up on my way to looking up other things. This list is not confined to just technology issues or digital video editing, or anything else for that matter. Keep in mind, many of these items are just my personal opinion. I could be wrong. But probably not. ...Read More »
Gift of Giving By Stephen Schleicher Got a new G5 for the holidays? Did you get a new camera, or gaming system and no longer want your old technology? Have you thought about making a charitable donation? ...Read More »
Santa's Wish List By Charlie White Wherever you are, Christmas is coming and the pressure is on. Whether youre in balmy Tinseltown where the sidewalk Santa Clauses are much, much too thin, or in the Frozen Tundra where only a self-produced deluge of body-temperature fluids can open frozen-shut locks, youre probably compelled to come up with some gift ideas for that techno-charmed colleague, friend or family member who just cant seem to get enough of those Things That Plug In. Looking for some Winter coolness? Well, were here to help, pointing out the greatest gifts for that gadget guru in your life. ...Read More »
Coolness Roundup 2004: The Well-Appointed Edit Suite By Charlie White It's turning into another long, hot summer -- time for us to provide chilly relief with our twice-annual Coolness Roundup, your touchstone to all things hip that will make your life easy in and around your edit suite or production facility. Presented in no particular order, here are items that tickled our fancy here at the Midwest Test Facility, including do-dads that you can use as you work, some that you can use around work, and some that will actually keep you from working. And that's OK, too, because after all, it's summer and everybody could use a little coolness. ...Read More »
Don't Frustrate the Viewer By Charlie White Sometimes digital video editing involves magic. You can flash something here to attract the viewer's eye and then over there, make something happen the viewer doesn't see. That's part of the thrill of producing and editing video -- manipulating where people will look. But then sometimes you can give the viewers so many things to look at that they don't see anything. In that case, you've broken the cardinal rule of video production: Don't Frustrate the Viewer. Let's figure out how to stay in the good graces of that rule. ...Read More »
Motion And the Big Picture By Kevin Schmitt Like many of you, I spent the better part of this last week constantly refreshing my various browser window in the hopes of catching the absolute latest news coming out of Vegas, where NAB just closed up shop until this time next year. Of course, I don't have to remind anyone who was grabbing the (very) early headlines; Apple was quite busy providing whiz-bang fireworks on what is usually a traditional day of rest. ...Read More »
NAB Diary 2004: Preview Edition By Stephen Schleicher Now in its fourth year, the NAB Diary will be returning to these pages in just a few weeks giving you an up close look at the action going on at the show. While the show is still a few weeks away, now is the perfect opportunity to give you a sneak peak at the thoughts going through my head of what we might expect at the show. ...Read More »
Symbol Manager Bites the Dust By Elise Moss I spent this summer in Virginia. While my husband toiled at NASA Langley, I worked on a textbook for ADT and did consulting in the area. One of my local customers was an architectural firm in Norfolk. They were looking to upgrade from ADTR2 under AutoCAD R14 up to ADTR3.3 under AutoCAD 2002. Like most architectural firms, over the years they had created many lisp routines to manage custom symbols and help make their work easier. They brought me in to make sure that they could retain as much of their custom stuff as possible and still upgrade. They needed to upgrade to remain competitive in their industry because they exchange drawings with customers, subcontractors, etc. ...Read More »
SIGGRAPH 2001 By Paulo de Andrade SGI is one of my favorite companies. Their computers have fueled the entertainment industry for years, and they have played a major role in the development of the computer graphics industry that we have today. Unfortunately, SGI's presence at Siggraph 2001 was, to put it mildly, "interesting." ...Read More »
AA Movie Sites By DMN Staff Writer AA Movie Sites gather all the news, reviews, features, artists' names and imagery from recent animated movies. ...Read More »
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